Our Journey

How did we begin?


Rajaram Rao was born in 1911, South Karnataka. Having cultivated an intense liking for art since childhood, Rajaram sir, took formal training in Fine Art, in Mumbai and Baroda. It was in 1940 that he established the art class at Matunga, the strength of which, at first, was only 10 students.

With time, the student strength increased by leaps and bounds as he built an impeccable reputation. Towards the last lap of his career, his dear son, Srikrishna R Udipi  a qualified commercial artist, had joined him. The response was tremendous. The Institute rose to new heights as it catered to the needs of the young and old alike. Having worked tirelessly and dedicatedly till the ripe age of 74, Rajaram Sir withdrew from active life due to failing health. Today, he is no more.

His son, Srikrishna Udipi, carried on the legacy and art flourished under his aegis. With loving support of his wife Vrinda, in 1979, he opened another branch at Ghatkopar- West, which saw a tremendous response and it continues to do so, till date.  After an eventful career, Srikrishna Udipi retired, having led many, to walk in his footsteps.

Truly, art runs in the blood. The grandson of Mr. Rajaram Rao, Mr. Shyam Udipi, a wizard at drawing and painting, got his formal training from Sir  J J institute of Applied Art. Having gained professional experience in an Ad-agency and an Animation studio, Shyam took over reins of the institute. Currently, both the branches are now managed by the third generation, Shyam and his wife Shreya.

Under their supervision and guidance, the students continue to be inspired to pursue painting as a hobby or a profession, with some having emerged as successful professionals in their own right. This has been the greatest contribution of the institute, its ability to transform the lives of a great many art lovers. Having created their own niche in the industry with their talents many of our former students are now well established in their careers as Fine artists, Ad-agency pros, Animators, Architects, Interior designers and Commercial photographers in addition to skilled hobbyists.

In keeping with the Art-tradition through three generations, we are now celebrating our 75th year. The benefits of the trainings imparted by the institute will be harvested by a multitude of students, for many years to come. We hope that Rajaram Fine Art Institute stands as a historic milestone in the field of Art education.



How does one pay tributes of praise to such an illustrious gentleman,
U. Rajaram Rao (1911- 2000), artist par excellence, one who rose from small and humble beginnings, to the stature of a stalwart among the best of artists?.

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