Shyam Sir, teaching since 1986


Art runs in the family. Having cultivated an intense liking for art since childhood, Shyam demonstrated his proficiency right from schooling. The versatile artist that he is, he started assisting his father – right since his college days.

Having taken his formal training from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, he began his career with a short stint in an advertising agency as an illustrator, followed by animation in Rammohan Biographics.

His father, Srikrishna Udipi, after putting-in a glorious 40 years of service, as an acclaimed artist, planned a well-deserved retired life, just as he handed over the ‘ Easel and the paint brush‘ to his equally gifted son, Shyam.

With his mastery in the skills of illustration and his experience in animation, he was able to bring a new dimension to teaching art which brought out the best in his students, through the introduction of many new interesting styles and techniques.

He immediately got a good response and became popular among his students, not only because of his great artistic talents but also because of his friendly and humble nature.

Over the years, Shyam’s students have done him proud, many having become established Artists, Advertising professionals, Architects, Interior designers, Commercial Photographers and even Cinematographers, emerging as shining examples, in their own right. The flames burn brighter as ever!

Both the branches of the Institute are now managed by Shyam, the current principal, ably supported by his wife Shreya, who also is a graduate of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art. She is the motivating force behind the students, always encouraging and pushing them to the limits of their performance. With her warm and friendly disposition, she’s made a place in their hearts. Her active presence, progressive approach and initiatives, have taken the popularity of the class to new levels.

And so, the art tradition, through generations goes on.



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