do students join us?


At Rajaram Fine Art Institute, students of all ages join us. Why? We are traditionally seen as a hobby class where one can hone their skills across various medium like pencil, charcoal, watercolour, oil-paint, pastels etc. Additionally, students can also learn the basic styles and techniques so that they can pursue future career in Art. We conduct preparatory classes for Common Entrance Exams and also help students who are pursuing professional courses to understand better finishing techniques.

At school level, we inculcate a sense of design and art in the young minds and transform their objectivity towards choosing the right art career. We prepare them for the Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Grade exams conducted by Government.

For the elderly, expressing their mind through painting gives a feeling of satisfaction and bliss.

Our students have made big impressions in the various industries like ARCHITECTS, ART TEACHERS, COMMERCIAL AND FINE ART, FASHION DESIGN, INTERIOR DESIGN etc. and we are proud and privileged to be the start point for all these experts.



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