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To be a part of this institute is a prestige and an opportunity to the world of art…

It was a kind of a transformation for me in this field with context to perspective, texture and contrast in a composition… The experience to be in the aura of like-minded people of different age group, using different medium of art was an enlightening one… and above all, the teacher’s correcting hand was so fascinating and inspiring to become one like them…

Thank you Sir and Miss.



I joined Rajaram Art Institute to enhance my skills in Art and have been able to master all the techniques under Shyam Sir’s able guidance. I have learnt new techniques which I could not learn from anywhere before joining here. It has been a wonderful journey and enjoyable experience which has enhanced my confidence greatly. I feel proud of the institute and value Shyam Sir’s teaching and helpful nature.

This has helped me tremendously in successfully conducting my own Child Art Classes.



First of all I would like to congratulate Rajaram Institute for completing 75 years of classic art work.

Not only me but all the students will agree that the knowledge about art we have received from Shyam sir is truely amazing. Shyam sir is truely an amazing teacher and also a very kind and gentle person at heart. With his patience he has taught us things not only related to art but also being a good human being. I am very proud to be a student of such a great institute and a great teacher.

Thank you Shyam sir and Shreya maam for making us a part of this venture.



Rajaram Art class has helped me immensely in my pursuit of art.

As pursuing art is my career and passion, Rajaram Art classes is undeniably a catalyst for my thirst for learning authentic art.



Respected Shyam Sir, It was pleasure working with you. In fact I can say I have learnt a lot from you. First time when I started studying in your classes as a student I found you a very inspiring teacher, a very calm person with indepth understanding of drawing, colours and paintings.

I did my elementary and Intermediate from Rajaram Fine Art, under the guidance of Shyam Sir besides working with him. Sirs teaching method is excellent, he teaches each medium deeply and explains till the student thoroughly understands it.

Working with Shyam Sir, was a spiritual & enjoyable experience.



I have been an assistant teacher at Rajaram Fine Art Insitute for 13 years and I would love to share my incredible experience here.

I have no words to express my heartfelt gratitude to Shyam Sir; he has been the one who molded me from raw clay into an ornately carved sculpture.

My entry into this institute was as a student who wished to satisfy her hobby. Shyam Sir guided me step by step, from holding a pencil to maneuvering a brush. He trained me from the Intermediate to Foundation Course and also in Finishing School. He guided me in the matters of Colour Theory and the Rules of Designing, which have greatly helped me in the creation of my own paintings.

Along with being a great artist, Shyam Sir is blessed with excellent teaching qualities like humility and politeness. He is endowed with a lot of patience as well as a ready-to-serve attitude. He unrestrainedly shares his knowledge, creates very homely and inspiring classroom atmosphere and has the ability to unearth the creativity and potential that is inherent to any student.

It is an enviable opportunity to work in this institute as an assistant teacher with him, his wife- Shreya Ma’am and his father– Srikrishna Sir. Never once have they made me feel as their subordinate; they have welcomed me with open arms into the Rajaram Family. I am thoroughly enjoying my work here and never feel like bunking class.

I wish to convey my wholehearted thankfulness towards Shyam Sir for all his guidance and motivation, for unlocking the doors to my creativity, for trusting the hidden artist in me and for helping me shape my illustrious career in the Art field.


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